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 Because We Care & aG

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PostSubject: Because We Care & aG   Mon Jun 28, 2010 12:22 am

Team : Because We Care & aG
Country: Russia
Website: http://isa-gaming.ru

Head Manager: Tpytehb (rus)
Bnet: eQu-Tpytehb
GGC: eQu-Tpytehb
Email: XPGreen@mail.ru
msn: Barashkin@hotmail.com
skype: tpytehb-

Head Manager: Chaos
GGc ID: aG.ChaoS
Email: Focus_waves@Hotmail.com
MSN: Focus_waves@Hotmail.com

Assistant Manager: Tom
GGc ID: aG.Ice
Email: allstargaming.ice@gmail.com
MSN: Allstargaming.ice@Gmail.com

Manager: Never. (ger)
Bnet: BWC.Never
GGC: BWC^Never
Email: real-deep@hotmail.de
msn: real-deep@hotmail.de
skype: oo_its_just_me


China Orc BWC.Goblin
Russia Orc BWC.Wild
Russia Undead BWC.PEREC
Korea Orc BWC.aG.Fantaa
Korea Orc BWCaG.Music
China Orc BWCaG.Gyy
Korea Orc BWC.aG.Azure
Korea Night Elf BWC.aG.Ken
China Night Elf BWC.aG.Moonfans
Korea Night Elf BWC.aG.SinSa
Korea Undead BWC.aG.iRiS
Korea Undead BWC.aG.UsiB
Korea Undead BWC.aG.Issac
Korea Undead BWC.aG.Nari
China Undead BWC.aG.Bosuhe
Lithuania Human BWC.aG.Crow
China Human BWC.aG.WP
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Because We Care & aG
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